A set of 3-three books that will change your LIFE

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A set of 3-three books that will change  your LIFE !
 from Kaivalyadhama Publications – offering a 25% discount  till 31 May 2021
 these are vital books having practical implications to enhance life 

Pranayama-  Authored by the father of scientific Yoga containing techniques of all varieties of Pranayama described in Yogic tradition explained with accurate scientific terminology. 

Yoga therapy for selected diseases- This small but rich informative book on Yoga therapy is successful in providing comprehensive, scientific and to the point elaboration of selected diseases and their treatments though yogic methods. 

Applied Yoga- Shown modern world has to gain from the ancient science for despite our advances in medicines and technology, we still suffer from many ills But through yoga we can bring ourselves back to health and harmony. 



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