The Reflection of Yoga in the Principal Upanisads Volume I

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The book ‘The Reflection of Yoga in the Principal Upanisads’ is unique of its kind. It contains the translation of the entire text of four Principal Upanisads. The texts have been further interpreted in the light of Yoga Philosophy with special reference to the Patanjala Yoga sutra, Hatha Pradipika and Srimadbhagavadgita.  Such an erudite exposition of the mantras of the Principal Upanisads in the perspective of Yoga Darsana compels the heart to bliss.

About the Author:

The author Dr. Kakali Ghosh is a profound scholar of the Vedic Scriptures who has dived deep into the core of the Ancient Indian Wisdom. She is working as the Associate Professor of Sanskrit at Jadavpur University, Kolkata. Dr. Kakali Ghosh is associated with the Philosophico-Literary Research Department of Kaivalyadhama in the capacity of Adjunct Researcher. She has authored several books, of which ‘The Quintessence of Yoga’ published by Kaivalyadhama is a remarkable one.

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