Unravelling The Reality Interface between Physics and Vedanta

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The convergence of the physics and ancient Indian wisdom happens to be a very profound subject of study across the world. The goal is not only to find the parallels between these two subjects but to cultivate a unified system of thought which inspires human intellect to take a giant leap into the vast expanse of Reality.

The Tao of Physics by Prof. Fritjof Capra is the pioneering book in this field in which he has synthesized the Eastern mysticism and modern physics. In the same spirit ‘Unravelling the Reality: Interface between Physics and Vedanta’ has been authored by Dr. Rajeshwar Mukherjee to amalgamate the complementary concepts of Physics and Ancient Indian wisdom. The book is an attempt to unravel the

‘hint of aspects deep within the world of physics, and yet unattainable by the methods of physics.’


Dr. Rajeshwar Mukherjee is the Assistant Director of Research and Head at the Philosophico-Literary Research Department, Kaivalyadhama Institute, Lonavala. He has completed his Ph.D. in the areas Science-Vedanta Interface. He has authored five books and has a number of published papers to his credit

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